Our Clients

The other day my daughter said that she wanted to be just like me. It makes me feel so good that I am setting a good example.

Ms. Kalliammal

(Ironing Shop Owner)

\"My Daughter\'s confidence has soared so much that even though she is differently abled, I see her standing on her two feet. I am waiting to avail a bigger loan and accomplish mush more in life.\"


(Petty Shop Owner)

\"Being a single mother is really tough. I feel strong when I am able to make my own living. I dream of giving my children a life better than what I had.\"

Ms. Kaleswari

(Flower Vendor)

\"My sister nephew are so Inspired by me that they insist on helping me at my shop.\"

Ms. Rajakumari

(Petty Shop Owner)

\"My husband is very proud of me. I also feel good when I am able to contribute to my household finances.\"

Ms. Sathya

(Rajapalayam Dog Breeder)

Translation: The name of our group is Sarpudeen Garden. All of us are small scale business women. Without having any money to invest, we were unable to run business. Asirvad lent us Rs. 5000 each which was very useful to run a business. To benefit more, we should get more and more loans from Asrivad. We need the services of Asrivad.

Ms. Jemina

(Cloth Business Vendor)

Transilation: \"Women who run small business are benefited with loans from Asirvad. The loans taken from this institution help women progress. Free from the clutches of money lenders who levy a high rate of interest, the women who have taken loans from Asirvad are able to run their families without any problems. Also, since the rate of interest is low, we are able to repay the loans promptly. We request Asirvad to lend us more and more which will help us progress further in outlives.\"


(Ironing Shop Owner)

\"I received Rs. 7,500/- as 1st loan from the company and carrying on the business of selling vegetables and repaying my loan. My standard of living has improved and I will be able to improve my business if I get a higher size loan from the company.\"


(Vegetables Shop)

\"I received Rs.7500 from Ottanchathiram branch of the company and have been repaying the loan promptly. My business income has increased and family\'s standard has improved because of this. I hope to receive higher size loans from the company in the future also.\"


(Flower Vendor)

\"I received Rs10,000 loan from the company and carrying on the business of preparing and selling snacks. My standard of living has improved and we hope to receive assistance in the future also. I hope that others in the locality also get loan and improve their business.\"


(Preparing & Selling Snack)

Translation: \"I am doing flower business with the assistance received from the company. It has benefitted me to a great extent. The company should extend loan to others so that they are also benefited.\"


(Flower Business)

Translation: \"I am carrying on the business of selling snacks. I have obtained loan from the company which has enabled me to improve my business. \"


(Selling Snacks)

Translation \"I received Rs.7500 loan from the company and carrying on my business successfully. My family is happy and I have been repaying my dues correctly and hope to receive additional funds from the company.\"



Translation \"I am not able to invest in the business and the loan from the company helped me in my business successfully. We need the services of the company for improving our business.\"



Translation \"I am carrying on the business of petty shop with the help received from the company. My standard of living has increased. I also request the company to help others to carry on their business by providing financial assistance to others.\"


(Petty shop)

\"I am carrying on the business of selling sambrani with the loan received from the company. I am proud to be associated with the company.\"


(Selling Sambrani)

Translation \"I am carrying on the business of selling milk. I brought cow with the help of loan provided by the company and this has helped me to improve my business. My family is happy and my standard of living has improved.\"


(Selling Milk)

THEIR CHILDREN'S VOICE... "My name is Vijayalakshmi. I am 7 years old. I study in 2nd standard. I have an older sister Jothilakshmi and a younger brother Anand. We go to school together. I love playing pranks on both of them. You know what else I like ? I love going to the beach with my father. His name is Kannan and he is a fish vendor. Every morning we go on his cycle to collect some fish. I keep playing in the sand until my father starts scolding me that I\'m late for school. I have many friends in school and learn a lot there, but the minute the bell rings I rush home. I go straight to our shop where my mother sells fish. Her name is Lalitha. I have learnt a lot about fish from her. We have a lot of fun guessing what the next customer is going to buy. Sometimes when some customers yell at her it\'s scary, but I don\'t see her bowing down. I think she is a strong woman and I want to just like her when I grow up. Sometimes my mother\'s friends from the locality come to chat with her. It\'s nice to see them laughing and having fun together. My mother says that they all belong to one group and get help from a company Asirvad. I don\'t know too many details about the company but I know how happy my mother is when she is doing what she likes.\"



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Welcome to Asirvad Microfinance Limited. An MFI promoted by an IIT & IIM alumni with more than 2 decades of experience in India and other countries, has set itself an ambitious target of achieving a Portfolio of Rs.2500 Crores by 2017 by lending to the people of urban and rural India. Headquartered at Chennai, the company aspires to develop and make use of innovative technology to deliver its services and enrich the community at large. The company is managed by young and energetic professionals with a strong commitment to bring this vision to reality....

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The company aspires to develop and make use of innovative technology to deliver its services

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Our Mission

"To organize groups of committed poor women and provide innovative financial services in a sustainable manner with a view to alleviate poverty through viable income generation activities".

Our Vision

"To empower the members at the bottom of the pyramid by providing financial assistance".

Our Goals

"We review your financial position on a regular basis to make sure that the goals we have set as a team are being achieved".