"SMALL LOANS BIG DREAMS"

AMPL provides individual and group loans through its network of   branches across fourteen states of India. We strive to find mechanisms to deliver capital in more targeted and efficient ways so as to drive greater economic value in the communities we serve.

AMPL offers loans as well as other services to women from poor and low-income households. Creation of equal opportunities and inclusive development of both urban and rural poor is what inspires the MFI to strive ahead. These loans help the clients raise their standard of living and consequently help break themselves and their families out of poverty. Asirvad Microfinance steadily groomed a class of mature and financially literate women entrepreneurs, who began to outgrow the group lending model.

Asirvad Microfinance holded its vision to help women because they are the most marginalized section of the society, who makes up an integral part of the family, community and country's socio-economic environment. It has been observed that women tend to use resources more productively than men, so Asirvad Microfinance tries to help improve women's financial management and increase their participation in the family's and the community's development.

Asirvad is an institution that prides itself upon its compliance to regulations, not only in letter but in spirit as well. Asirvad was one of the earliest to obtain the NBFC - MFI license from the Reserve bank, which stands evidence to its strict conformance to all the guidelines laid down by the Central bank. The financial year 2015-16 will certainly go down as one of the landmark years in the history of Asirvad due to the excellent financial and operational performance of the company. Despite the increase in business volumes during the year, Asirvad has strictly adhered to all the covenants laid out by the Reserve Bank in its circular. Every loan application is screened through the Credit Bureau and all the loans provided conform to the stipulations of the Central bank. Such compliance coupled with the strict member selection norms have ensured that the portfolio remains of excellent quality and delinquencies remain sub 5 bps.


Financial Year 2015-16 marked as an inflection point to the Company as business grows substantially.  The Company expects to foray into a number of states in the forthcoming year in order to further geographical diversification of its portfolio.

During this year CARE has upgraded the grading of the Company to MFI 1 which is the highest in the industry. The bank loan rating is also upgraded to A- by ICRA & CARE and A+ by CRISIL.

Asirvad also developed funding relationships with many new Banks/ Financial Institutions like State Bank of Hyderabad, Bank of Baroda, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Religare Finvest Limited, AU Financiers India Limited, Blue Orchards etc. and this will helps to diversify its funding sources in the years to come.


Financial Year 2015 – 16, has been an excellent year for AMPL in terms of growth and expansion to newer states.  At the beginning of the year, AMPL operations were spread in the southern states of Tamil Nadu (inclusive of Pondicherry), Kerala and Karnataka.

With the support of the Parent organization, AMPL started to expand its operations to Northern States. Initially expansion started in Madhya Pradesh in June followed by Chattisgarh in July and then to Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh in August 2015.

 Buoyed by the response received in these states, AMPL further expanded to the states of Uttar Pradesh in September, Jharkhand in November, and Bihar in January and finally to West Bengal in February 2016.Care has been taken to avoid problematic districts in each of these states so that the operations continue unabated resulting in good quality portfolio.